Di Liberto-Lab for Cognition, Communication, and Computer Science

Our lab's interest centers on understanding the neural foundation of human communication. Our approach is partly theory-driven and partly data-driven. First, we develop neural data analysis methodologies based on machine learning and signal processing. Then, we apply those methodologies on neurophysiology brain data to better understand human cognition and human communication. Those findings are then used to derive objective measurements of cognition, allowing us to conduct applied research on the causes, impact, and potential solutions of cognitive and communication deficits (e.g., hearing impairment, dementia).

Giovanni Di Liberto, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor in Intelligent Systems
School of Computer Science and Statistics
The University of Dublin, Trinity College

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Recent papers

New paper: "Accurate Decoding of Imagined and Heard Melodies" in Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Aug 2021

"The Music of Silence. Part I and Part II" in J. Neuroscience! Featured by SfN, TCD, Inverse, and The Sunday Times (15/8/21, page 3).

New paper: "Neural representation of linguistic feature hierarchy reflects second-language proficiency" in Neuroimage.

New paper on the cortical encoding of melodic expectations in eLife. See a short non-tecnical description here (in French).

Selected News

Jul 2020

We have been awarded a Dunhill Medical Trust grant for the project MusiCare (PI: Fabia Franco)! Check out this article for more details

Mar 2020

I am on the front page of the website of my department at ENS.

Jan 2020

Shared an EEG dataset on music listening on Dryad.

Apr 2019

Article on the modern approach to cognitive neuroscience research in the Italian scientific magazine Sapere