Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor in Intelligent Systems, Discipline of Artificial Intelligence
School of Computer Science and Statistics, ADAPT Centre
The University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland

Research students

Sara Carta

PhD student
Project keywords: Speech perception, Selective Attention, Hearing Impairment; Check out Sara's latest preprint on the cortical encoding of phonemes in hearing impaired participants.

Amirhossein Chalehchaleh

PhD student
Project keywords: Speech perception, Semantic processing, Statistical learning

Emily Ip

PhD student
Project keywords: Speech perception, Statistical learning, Perspective taking

Martin Winchester

PhD student
Project keywords: Speech communication, Music perception, EEG, CNSP

John O'Doherty

PhD student
Project keywords: Music perception, Music decoding, Machine learning

Asena Akkaya

PhD student
Project keywords: Speech and music processing, Prosody, Social anxiety

Visiting Researchers

Postdoctoral researcher, Laboratoire des systemes perceptifs, Ecole normale supérieure
Keywords: Speech and Music perception, Source separation, Machine learning; Check out Giorgia's latest study with us on speech and music perception.

Dissertation projects 2023-24

Fionn O'Connor (MCS): Keywords: Speech perception, humour, EEG
Aritro De (BA ICS): Keywords: Pupillometry, Auditory perception
Yifan Zhu (MSc): Keywords: Music perception, EEG, Music decoding
Sebastin Regitz (MSc): Keywords: Music perception, EEG, Music decoding
Haozhe Ma (MSc): Keywords: Sign language perception, EEG, image processing
Chiara D'Ercoli (MSc): Keywords: Speech perception, EEG, large language models

Alumni (2022-23)

Charbel Nebo (MAI): Keywords: Music perception, Statistical learning
Jeroen Lemsom (MSc): Keywords: Humor, Speech Perception, Statistics
Mehak Roy (MSc): Keywords: Speech Perception, Speech reconstruction, Auditory imagery
Isabel Moulton (MAI): Keywords: Speech Perception, Statistical learning, Decision making
Satwick Chandra (BA ICS): Keywords: Open science, CNSP
John O'Doherty (MCS): Keywords: Music decoding, Machine learning

Alumni (2021-22)

Kevin Reynolds (MSc): Keywords: Machine learning, Music perception, Statistical learning
Sophie Crowley (MSc): Keywords: EEG Decoding, Speech Reconstruction, Linguistics
Sean Brieffies (MSc): Keywords: Statistical learning, Auditory perception in infants
Ross McCrann (MCS): Keywords: Machine Learning, Open data
Nissimol Aji (MCS): Keywords: Music perception

Past Research staff

Aoife Igoe (Research assistant in 2023). Project keywords: Speech perception, Large language models, EEG data collection, CNSP

Past Visiting students/researchers

Frank Sierra (Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, 2022-23): Keywords: Time perception, Neural Decoding, EEG.

Jwaad Hussain (Middlesex Univ, 2023): Keywords: Speech and music processing, EEG, ageing.

Giorgio Piazza (BCBL, 2023): Keywords: Speech perception, Phonological processing, EEG. Check out Giogio's talk at CNSP2023, where he presents the work he did with us at TCD (among other studies).

Jordi Martorell (BCBL, 2022): Keywords: Sentence processing, Syntax, Predictive processing, Oscillations, EEG/MEG.