Oct 2023

Asena joins the team with a PhD project supported by the SFI centre d-REAL

Sept 2023

John was awarded an IRC postgraduate scholarship to join the team with a project on the neurophysiology of music!

Mar 2023

Martin joins the team with a PhD project supported by the ADAPT Centre/SFI

Dec 2022

Giovanni receives a special research commendation from the Irish Research Council

Sept 2022

Emily joins the team with a PhD project supported by d-real/SFI

Sept 2022

We were awarded an IRC Ulysses Award for a new collaboration with Prof. Yves Boubenec

May 2022

Registrations are open for CNSP2022! Check it out here

May 2022

Amir joins the team!

Apr 2022

We were awarded a research grant from the William Demant Foundation to investigate auditory perception in hearing impaired individuals!

New editorial: "Neural Tracking: Closing the gap between neurophysiology and translational medicine".

Oct 2021

Sara joins the team!

Aug 2021

New paper: "Accurate Decoding of Imagined and Heard Melodies" in Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Aug 2021

"The Music of Silence. Part I and Part II" in J. Neuroscience! Featured by SfN, TCD, Inverse, and The Sunday Times (15/8/21, page 3).

Feb 2021

New paper: "Neural representation of linguistic feature hierarchy reflects second-language proficiency" in Neuroimage.

Jul 2020

We have been awarded a Dunhill Medical Trust grant for the project MusiCare (PI: Fabia Franco)! Check out this article for more details

Mar 2020

I am on the front page of the website of my department at ENS.

Jan 2020
New paper on the cortical encoding of melodic expectations in eLife. See a short non-tecnical description here (in French).

Jan 2020

Shared an EEG dataset on music listening on:

Apr 2019

Article on the modern approach to cognitive neuroscience research in the Italian scientific magazine Sapere

Feb 2019

Symposium speaker at the ARO MidWinter Meeting, Baltimore

Dec 2017

PhD graduation

Aug 2017

PhD thesis defence