Music - EEG dataset

Datasets with 20 participants from the study
Di Liberto, Pelofi, Bianco, Patel, Mehta, Herrero, de Cheveigné, Shamma and Mesgarani, eLife, 2020.

Speech - EEG dataset
A collection of five speech-listening datasets from the study
Broderick, Andreson, Di Liberto, Crosse and Lalor, Current Biology, 2018.

mTRF toolbox

Git, Sourceforge
A MATLAB toolbox for relating neural signals to continuous stimuli from the paper:
Crosse, Di Liberto, Bednar and Lalor, Front. in Hum Neurosci, 2016.
Crosse, Zuk, Di Liberto, Nidiffer, Molholdm, and Lalor, Front. in Hum Neurosci, 2021.


Check out the resource page of the Cognition and Natural Sensory Processing Workshop (CNSP), an event organised by Giovanni Di Liberto, Nate Zuk, Mick Crosse, and Aaron Nidiffer. The resource page includes lectures, datasets, scripts and toolboxes.